Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Well there it is the moment that every single Vancouver Canucks fan yelled at there TV, some in an explicit manner. The moment that immediately became the story that every radio show would surround there show with today, and of course in the heat of the moment some of the statement’s said by fan’s are purely crazy and purely just rage, what is interesting to me however is the fact people actually believe that somehow that goal was disallowed because the NHL wants the King’s to win and so this is there way of making it happen even though the King’s still need 2 more Win’s to win the series.

Now we move on to another great explanation by the NHL, there’s the old saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.” This statement is related to the NHL but it’s more “If you don’t have anything smart to say, SHUT UP!.” I can still hear the echo’s from the Colin Campbell interview where he said we need to punish repeat offender’s yet I can’t just suspend Matt Cooke because he’s a repeat offender. Which is along the same line’s of what Mr.Murphy said last night, according to the rule it wasn’t a distinct kicking motion but it was a kicking motion, HUH?. There are obvious problem’s with this team be it a defense that every time I see a reply after a goal has either trickled in or has been scored off a rebound, I see the defense turned around looking at Luongo somewhat fishing. Another obvious problem is both the Penalty kill and the Power play, which has gone an amazing 2/11 so far in the series. To get back to my first point however about the notion people believe the NHL just wants the King’s to win, I believe is also a sign of how people feel about this league starting with the head honcho in Gary Bettman, so as the parody’s come in on the NHL commercial about history being made and as the line’s become more and more jammed I think at the end of the day people need to worry more about how this team is showing no fire at all to want to win this series and even deeper not showing the fire to want that silver famous trophy thing.

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