Monday, September 6, 2010

The Canucks of 10/11

As exciting this current period of time is in Vancouver,sport’s wise, it is however itching time and No I do not mean time for you to get up and scratch, I am speaking of the Hockey itch is in the air. At the present time Sport’s is at quite an exciting point, you have the MLB going into it’s stretch run as pennant race’s begin to heat up, The Vancouver Canadians are in the post-season for the first time since 2005, NFL training camp’s are coming to a close as the season is about to begin and even the PGA is somewhat exciting not only with Tiger and his potential Ryder Cup selection but also the promise and excitement some of the new comers to the game are showing.

However we live in Canada so since the big shinny silver mug was lifted I’ve been ripping off the page’s of my calendar hoping that the next one said opening night on it, sadly of course everyday was a disappointment. The Canucks have stepped outside there average off season by making some significant changes to the team and they have now put themselves as one of the best looking Canucks teams to step on the ice on opening night. They have bolstered there blue-line by acquiring big boy’s Keith Ballard and Dan Hamhuis and also added three new forwards in Raffi Torres,Manny Malholtra and Jeff Tambelini. Those moves in combination with the hope of young star Cody Hodgson finally cracking the squad, along with the boys coming back from last year and Van city is even more than it’s usual buzz. When living in this town however he team comes with different expectations, most people can’t remember most of what happened in the regular season last year nor do they really care what happens during this regular season that is upon us, it’s more when you see Game 1 of the 2011 Stanley cup playoffs that the fans here really get amped up and that isn’t because they don’t care but because of the 1st or 2nd round heartbreak that fan’s have had to endure over and over again.

This year however seems different and it feels different and so as the school bell begins to ring again and the tanning lotion slowly get’s put away you realize it will not be long before the Canucks jersey needs to be pulled back out from the closet because it’s that time of year folks and like I said it is a different type of a feeling this time.

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