Thursday, January 14, 2010

Burrows Vs. Auger

Everyone has an opinion on both how Burrows should have handled the situation and also what should happen to Stephane Auger. The way Alex Burrows came out to the media and said exactly what was on his mind which is why it was the right thing to do, Why? because this way there are no leaks the story comes out first hand and isn’t just another sweep under the rug for the NHL. The second question the answer is easy, nothing. There will not be anything done to Mr.Auger,and again why? because the NHL simply has no ball’s, they have shown that depending on how valuable you are to the league and it’s promotion is how your suspension will be determined. I’m not saying Burrow’s is for sure telling the truth and I am also definitely not saying that Auger is innocent. If you peel back the skin of this event there is one blatant sore thumb in this and that is the “Phantom call”. The interference penalty assessed to Burrow’s in the third period, which costed the Canucks the game, was a call that any human sport’s fan would tell you was nothing, the two player’s involved bumped on the way to the positions they were playing. The Nashville player is supposed to go to the point and Burrow’s to the net, they bumped each other leaving the face off circle and apparently that now is interference and only on Burrow’s. If the NHL was smart that right there is a 2 game suspension because of the 2 point’s the Canucks lost that they may have been able to receive or at least 1 point. At the end of the day nothing will come of this,the NHL will do one of there Famous “Investigation’s” and the day will move on,in fact the famous Colin Campbell came out today simply saying that making that call was at the wrong time, can anyone else say DUH!?. If the Canuck’s do miss the playoffs by one point at the end of the year you can sure bet this town will go crazy and this event will be pulled out from under the rug.