Thursday, December 3, 2009


We all know Tiger woods is very used to hitting the green from 200 yards away, or at least hitting the fairway. He certainly is not used to being this deep in the rough, Tiger is caught in a web of what now seems like 50,000 lies and it all could have been avoided. We have seen over the past decade constant slip ups in the personal lives of many celebrities and politicians, the extent at which these slip-ups are followed depends on there wealth, many of the politicians that storm lasts only for a couple of weeks but for celebrities it can go on and on and on. In 2003 Kobe Bryant’s life was surrounded by the same storm tiger is currently going through but he dealt with it, he sat in front of a bank of camera’s with his wife and faced the storm head on. Just this past year a celebrity of a different kind stepped right out and dropped the bomb, David Letterman came clean before anyone started to whisper or TMZ found some text messages. These are both examples of what Tiger should have done to begin with he made the mistake of letting thing’s leak as well as postponing police interviews on more then one occasion. As Much as Tiger is the Billion Dollar man and is the best golfer of all-time,he will need to invent a brand new golf club to chip his way out of this rough and get back onto the green.