Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It’s really starting to disgust me the amount of money professional athlete’s are constantly throwing into there bank accounts, no matter which major sport it is the price for an athlete has sky rocketed to a disgusting level. To give you some examples the “Big 3” that signed this summer in Miami all signed for 100+ million dollars, the real sickening part of this is none of there deals go further than 7 years, with a clause in Mr.James contract where he can terminate the deal after only 4 years. Some of the worst deals are or have been in the MLB most of the largest examples come from the boy’s from the bronx with the largest contract currently sitting with Alex Rodriguez where he signed a 10 year contract in 2008 worth a mammoth $275 million dollars. That level of cash is at the sickening point especially for a guy that has been mentioned along the lines of a steroid user. However the guys that really sicken me are the ones getting paid these huge amounts yet still have the balls to stand and either whine about there situation or bitch about where they are the one that certainly sticks out in my mind is Washington Redskins nose tackle Albert Haynesworth who signed a 7 year deal in 2009 worth $100 million dollars which means he makes around $14 million a year to be overweight, what pisses me off about him however is when he signed that contract the Redskins were horrible and he should have seen down the pipe that they still were going to be horrible so don’t sign a contract with a club and then go gee this team sucks because guess what they did in the first place. On Sunday he even had the balls to isolate himself from the rest of the team huddling up on the sidelines. I’m so sick of these athlete’s just cashing there check and that’s all they care about what happened to the passion or love for the sport you are in and train so hard to excel in.

The thing that is most sickening about these numbers these athletes are making now is if you turn on the news on your local television station in most parts of the world you will see for example in B.C schools struggling to keep the resources needed for the students or even to keep the school’s doors open. You can also see not enough room in hospital’s or not enough paramedic’s to go and help people or a small business owner that has been open for year’s and year’s as a family business that need to close there doors because of a economic hardship. Yet with all this plastered wall to wall on the different news channel’s these guys still cash in there $25 million dollar cheques for not even working all year long. The world we live in is showing how it is on a uneven piece of wood right now and sadly it is only going to get worse before you see more guy’s like the Sedin twins(who donated money to help children’s hospital) make it more balanced, because a hero isn’t someone that can hit so many home runs or stop so many touchdowns, a hero is someone that goes out of the norm to help someone in need and trust me none of these athlete’s are in need.

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