Thursday, April 15, 2010

Playoff Predictions, Forget About it!!

This is the first year I can remember going into a Stanley Cup Playoffs and there is no real clear cut winner. Are there strong contenders for the cup this year? yes of course there is, Washington,Chicago and Vancouver are the predicted three heavyweight’s this year. The word I just used was “Predicted” this word has been used thousand’s of times this year alone and the Canucks and Cap’s are playing game 1 tonight, everyone from the local blog to Sport’s illustrated have made NHL prediction’s and I have looked at quite a few of the prediction’s and they are all along those lines of Vancouver, Washington and Chicago being the “one’s” this year.

The title of this blog somes up the feeling I have for this year’s playoffs and the reason why I can’t invest much into these prediction’s this year is because of two team’s that are in the Playoffs this year that definitely should not be. Phoenix and Colorado are the two team’s that have really changed how I look at prediction’s, Why? because these team’s are dangerous. The reason why I believe these two team’s are dangerous is because of the year’s they have had both really had nobody pushing them to succeed, they were both expected to be bad, especially Colorado because it seemed like the average age of the layer’s on the team was about 12. So because of this last night I picked both Colorado and Phoenix to win, just like I will not be shocked at all if you see both of these team’s move onto the second round as well, both team’s are playing opponents older than them and Colorado is definitely playing the team with the most pressure on there shoulder’s in this year’s playoffs.

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