Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Ship is sinking...

Once again the NHL shows us all that there are no requirements to get a job with the NHL,or at least they aren’t showing us that brain’s are one of the qualities you need to get a job.

The event I am of course speaking of is the Hit that took place on Sunday, March 7th, 2010 at the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, that left Marc Savard laying on his back on the ice looking up at the press light’s and from the visuals it looked like he didn’t even know if that’s what he was looking at.

So once again we not only see the footage of the player not knowing where he is,but we also see the stretcher making it’s way onto the ice and both those images aren’t getting any better looking for the NHL nor are they getting any easier to witness as a general fan. So of course after the game and after the incident everyone skips the question of will Cooke be suspended and moves right on to How long?, Because there is no possible way that he doesn’t get suspended,right?

Apparently even common sense isn’t so common nowadays in the NHL, so today on the same day the league announces they have put fourth a new rule eliminating or penalizing hits to the head and shot’s from behind, Matt Cooke gets handed a total of 0 game’s as a suspension, the first response to that? Well nothing because there aren’t any words to describe the shocking nature of that announcement.

On March 11th The Pittsburgh Penguins will fly to Boston to face the B’s and Matt Cooke will likely be in that lineup which arises the question of, Do you have the Press Release ready to deal with what happens to Mr.Cooke that night?

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